Seaside Ring Mug

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This is the Ring mug or bowl, as you wish. It's designed to make different usages like hot beverages, soups, snacks, candles holder, use your imagination.

Breakfast / Soup / Cappuccino or other beverages / Aperitivo (olive etc..)

The light blue, green and purple colors evokes the sea, jakarandà trees, land and sky...because we like winter but we are also ready for spring, already!

12cm ⌀ x 5cm h

Every ceramic piece is handmade and dimensions may vary slightly. The glazing effect on each piece is unique and the images are for reference only.

All the pieces are handmade in Italy with materials suitable for food and beverage. They're all dishwasher and microwave safe but it's always recommendable to hand wash the with gentle soaps and nonabrasive sponges that could damage the surface.