One by two.
To share, this is the purpose, spending time together.
Feeling home sharing important moments by unique pieces completely handmade in Umbria, a land that catches the soul.
Minimal design to create unforgettable experiences.
Everywhere you are.
Endiadi was born with the aim of creating something that can last over time, that can bring people closer and educate them to the beauty of handmade.   We want to emphasize the importance of the little things and the slow living fully appreciating the moment.
Endiadi believes in the authenticity and uniqueness that's why every piece is completely handmade in Italy created in stoneware, a more resistant clay, and fired at high temperature to ensure a greater durability.
All Endiadi items are microwave and dishwasher safe but it's always recommendable to hand wash them with gentle soaps and non abrasive sponges that could damage the surface.
All the used materials are non-toxic and suitable for food and beverage.