October 30, 2020

ENDIADI, What a strange name!

By Elena Raugia
ENDIADI, What a strange name!

Hi! If the previous post was about me, now let's talk about Endiadi.

The origin of the word comes from Greek and means "one by two". So something created from two things.

I chose the name in 2016 remembering a trip to Barcelona and I immediately fell in love with the meaning.

I thought of the union of two things, two people, two hands that create something, sharing experiences with someone, hence the opposite of isolation, of loneliness.

Endiadi was born with the aim of creating something lasting over time, trying to bring people closer to the beauty of handmade, to buy more consciously. In a society that requires you to live a lifestyle with extreme haste, Endiadi, on the contrary, exalts the slow living, it wants to be a memento of enjoying the little things, the little moments that often go unnoticed.

The feeling of the clay in your hands wants to underline that we are all nature, rooted and relationships. The handmade object is in fact a vehicle of love that goes from the craftsman to the one who decides to take the object home.

And love, you know, is "the engine that makes the world move".





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