October 30, 2020

Welcome friends!

By Elena Raugia
Welcome friends!

Hi, welcome!

I'm super happy you're here. 

Let me start introducing myself. 

My name is Elena and I'm the artist (weird even to write it) behind Endiadi. 

I live in Perugia, a city surrounded by nature in the heart of Italy. 

I actually don't know how to describe myself, it's always difficult. I can start by saying that I constantly try to be happy, genuinely happy and I realized that this kind of happiness is inside everyone. 

so, starting from that, I try to follow my gut, be brave and pay attention to what really matters for me in order to keep a good quality of life. 

That's how Endiadi was born. I put a lot of work in it but also love and faith. I love handcrafted objects and I wanted to be able to create something that reflects my personality, my taste and my soul. 

Something that could last forever, something to leave to my children. I didn't want just to sit and work for someone else, that is not me. I am a rebel so I have to manage my own business :)

It is very hard but I am glad to be here now writing all this, it means that I'm on the right path. 

Thank you for stopping by and please come again!




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